The earth is my inspiration, and the camera is my creative avenue.

From the obvious beauty like a perfect sunset over a misty lake, to the less obvious beauty like a mother comforting her child in a time of sadness. Photography has the power to capture these moments of time to keep with us forever. The most powerful images can leave you truly breathless. They can open your eyes to new ideas and even inspire change in our turbulant world.

As I expand my photographic horizons, I not only hope to bring you more images of our beautiful planet but also photos that can have that powerful effect to ignite change. My dream is to inspire you to think, to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. My hope is to encourage you to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, to travel, explore, and have life-changing adventures. Great power is held in the hands of those who have awakened their soul to new possibilities and who seek to learn and grow from new experiences. So slow down the pace, open your eyes, and embrace the beauty in our great world.