Hopeful for our Future

The smile was such a charming and attractive one that I also started laughing with them in my dream. I didn’t know why they were laughing but I knew that they were very happy and their smile was pure. After a couple of hours, I asked one of the young boys: why are you all laughing and smiling? He said nothing; he just smiled. Then I asked a young girl standing next to a tree the same thing, she also smiled and didn’t say a thing.  I sat down under a tree and opened my tablet to find out on Google if there was an event going on, which all the children of world were celebrating. But I didn’t find any news.

Finally I decided to just enjoy with them. After a few hours I saw a big stage and a young beautiful girl and a boy came to the stage. They came close to the microphone and started their speech.  

“ we are pleased to inform you that today we have changed this world into a delightful place for everyone to live their lives in peace. We, the youth took the initiative and solved the problems of this world. The problems, like poverty, violence, and an un-healthy environment that so many centuries experience. We the youth are proud of ourselves. The technological revolution facilitated us in connecting with each other, to share our ideas and thoughts, to exchange our culture, languages, customs, etc. We started thinking that individual problems are OUR problems and solved them with our shared thoughts and efforts. Today we all have love, care and respect for each other. Today, we know about OUR problems and we know that we can solve them with SHARED efforts. We will change this world into a place where we all can live with peace and joy.”

All of a sudden I woke up. And I started thinking about my dream, what kind of dream it was? Is it an indication that what may seem impossible and nonsense is actually possible. The universe can conspire with a dream, if there is a spark in it to ignite.  

The past few months I’ve been working with Kristina (my colleague) to extend our voice of connecting youth together on a single virtual platform to identify their local community problems and to propose their solutions on their own, while connecting with each other regardless of regions, cast gender and ethnicity. A platform for youth to share their culture, language, good deeds, love and care. To fill themselves with knowledge and provide equitable rights to knowledge and learning. 

It seems to be a wild idea but while working with the Ride to Learn team, in particular with Kristina, I feel that although our initiative is like a small dot on this globe, it is important to remember that “for drawing a line you have to start with a dot” and who knows that dot might just extend to all over the globe! 

— Written by Anjum Alam