The power of tourism for positive impact

Will first came into the World By Cycle community as a cameraman filming the launch interviews of Kristina and myself in January 2012, later that year Will was readying to depart on a photographic expedition of Iran and Iraq, so we were stoked to be able to connect him with one of our wonderful Iranian friends – Ali.

This is a perfect example of the connections World By Cycle set out to foster; breaking down social and geographic barriers and forming new relationships that go beyond our own experience.

Will’s next endeavour involves cycling 2,600km’s through India with a fantastic message of grass-roots, positive impact tourism. They’ll be offsetting their carbon emissions – including the flights to India – and putting a solid emphasis on supporting local.

Check out Will’s (and Tom’s) pitch video and I look forward to following their adventure – this is our turn to live vicariously!! Contiki Conschmiki is a sustainable tourism documentary that brings two friends together to tackle one of the worlds most inhospitable landscapes- India. Mission: To cycle from Rishikesh, North India, via Mumbai and finally to Bangalore, South India in a 6 week time frame.

Download their pitch document