Sea to snow: an adventuring spirit is all that’s needed.

Yes it is spring; this morning Magpies attacked my helmeted head as I cycled past their nests and the fragrant smell of sweet Jasmine is everywhere. 

I’m in Jindabyne, near the snowy mountains, and the town is a buzz with weekenders enjoying the springtime snow — skiing, boarding, hiking. Here is my camp spot, right on the lake!  

I’m here a couple days while Nic takes to the backcountry to film a splitboard adventure.  

Similar to Dario’s call with Top to Top, Mark and Nic were chatting a couple days ago. Are you able to make it, Mark asked? Of course, we said, we are always ready for an adventure. Mark arranged for the gear Nic needed and a couple days later he’s out in the Snowy Mountains and I’m here, enjoying the sun. 

We were in Melbourne the last week running workshops and visiting the schools that are trialling a variety of learner-driven teaching approaches. We also found our favorite eat-out, the Veggie Bar, thanks to Mike, the food is all vegan and so yummy. Even vegan nachos!! 

 Anthony from ResourceSmart organised two sessions for us to share the World By Cycle story and learning programs in the southern regions of Victoria. 

Over a vegetarian schnitzel after the sessions, Anthony shared his passion for the Snowy Mountains of Australia and taught us more about the plight of the Corroboree Frog. 

We know that the impacts of global warming have displaced communities. With the rise in sea levels, we are loosing land and habitats as they slowly become submerged under water. There are a displaced 32 million human climate refugees from 2012 alone. 

However, I never knew that global warming also impacts the communities at the top of our world too. As there becomes less of the sub alpine environment — the species that lived in that habitat no longer have a home. 

Including the Corroboree Frog, who is only found at 1300m above sea level and is considered to be one of Australia’s most endangered species. There are conservation efforts at work and we look forward to learning more to understand and share these important stories from the Snowy Mountains with you. 
A Ski To Learn program may be in store in the near future, including lessons in how to build an igloo. Yes, I’m told igloo building is possible in Australia! 

While south of Melbourne we caught up with the team at Patagonia in Torquay. If you have some clothing that needs repair, Patagonia Torquay have a community sewing machine service set up — where volunteers fix and mend donated clothes in disrepair and the fixed items are donated to local charities. Great idea! 

Also, if there is a workshop or event you’d like to see from World By Cycle, let us know. The Patagonia store would be a gorgeous venue to screen a film, run a workshop, or facilitate an open-space discussion. 

Whatever the event, we would already have the catering. While in Geelong, we caught up Megan Kennedy, who at age 12 is running a social enterprise to bring kinder food to events. The Bruschetta Bar is an alternative to the sausage sizzle and besides yummy Bruschetta, she serves palm oil and animal free deserts and treats. Proceeds from her sales go to organisations making a difference of kindness in the world. 

Download her flyer and if in the Melbourne or surrounding area, consider her business for your event. She’s also looking for a paint job (any graffiti artists?) for her food truck, so get in touch if you’re keen to be involved. 

Nic and I will be back in Melbourne soon to present at the Melbourne Girls College conference – Rethinking Consumption – on September 3rd. We are very mobile now with our adventure basecamp (otherwise known as the Ideas-Mobile) and staying down on the Great Ocean Road is just magic. Sea, surf, cycling, running, and perfect breakfast spots. 

Here is Nic in the new Patagonia trail running line, he’ll be running the 30km Costal Classic and building up to a few ultra marathons to qualify for the 80km Mount Blanc in 2015 … crazy guy. 

What adventures have you got going on in the world? 

We are still looking at cycling the China leg with World By Cycle in the near future, including an interactive gaming experience developed in partnership with our friends in Amsterdam at Butch and Sundance. We have some bicycle factory and bamboo farms lined up to visit, promising to be quite a learning adventure! 

If you’ve looked at our team page lately, you’ll notice a new face, Ian Tran. Although he has been working with us for a good while (he contributed edits to the Central Asian unit), we have recently begun to work more closely to mobilise a big bold new idea. 

Anjum Alam has been busy too, developing a business strategy to provide eLearning support and the To Learn programming across Pakistan. Watch out for his initiative, Learning Beats, a solution-driven digital literacy program. 

Heaps going on with Ride To Learn, head over to check it out. And for a complete list of events we are speaking at or for new adventures in the mix, check out our personal spaces at and 

Hope to catch ya adventuring out in the world! xxK