Wheels must move on…

I was looking at the wheels of her bicycle very carefully, and I was thinking: what distance have these wheels covered? And why did they? What is the role of these wheels in her life or in the life of others directly or indirectly? What if these wheels stop moving? All these casual thoughts were striking to me.

When I went to bed, I started imagining more about Kristina’s bicycle wheels, and all the random thoughts once again started forming. And then I started to think about it more critically. These wheels have already covered thousands of kilometres in different parts of the world.

Whenever her bicycle wheels start moving, they take her to different parts of the world, carrying a lot of knowledge and learning materials for the unknown students in any corner of the world. The wheels are also connecting the threads of unknown people, bringing them to work together to make a better society while educating the youth through adventurous based learning and supporting youth to love this universe.  These wheels of Kristina’s bicycle are properly aligned with her ambitions, efforts, emotions and passion. That is why they take her slowly and smoothly to the goal of her life. The beauty of the bicycle wheels is that they always move forward.

Now for an instant, just imagine what will happen when these wheels permanently stop moving and nobody else continues them to move? For a lot of people it might not be an issue, however for me, it will leave a big mark. As per my school of thought, everyone in this universe has been sent with some roles, if people are successful in identifying their roles than they can create a positive impact in society. So I take this task of Kristina’s as one of the roles of her life; to educate the youth for the betterment of society through adventurous based learning, making them to know about their universe and how to protect it, and to love it and to explore it. And for that, her bicycle wheels are taking her to different corners of the world. If her bicycle wheels are stopped and no one else continues to move them, then the ultimate goal of the betterment of society might also stop. So for me these wheels must move on.

I relate the learning of my life as a bicycle wheel, which moves continuously. Sometimes it gets stopped due to some environmental factors, but I start them again for my own salvation. And with proper alignment I’ll arrive at my destination smoothly. For me, these wheels continue to spin, even when we physically leave this world, as that purification process of our soul is also part of learning. So for me “Wheels always move on”…..