From emptiness to excitement

In the quest of this, I contacted many individuals but did not get any satisfying responses. On the other hand, the sword of running my economic engine was always dangling on my neck. I started a job with a retail shop and then moved to working at a hotel. Perhaps, these were not my areas of interest; however in life, sometime compromising for survival becomes a necessity.

During this chaos of my life, I received a message in my Facebook inbox on December, 2012 from and old colleague of Aga Khan University – Institute for education development.  The message requested my interest to work as an internee with Ride to Learn with the contact details. I immediately turned on the Ride To Learn website, and read about their work and past adventurous achievements. I couldn’t resist myself to immediately send my profile to them. And then I received the email from Kristina, the Programme Director of the project to have a Skype call. With that excitement, I first spoke to Kristina when she was in the United States, instead of her enquiring me, I started enquiring about their project more and more in eagerness, and I realized this when the call ended.

A few days later, we had another Skype chat but at that time Nicholos was also the part of the meeting. Nicholas is the backbone of Ride to Learn, as he looks after all the technical parts of the project regarding online learning platforms and other technical gears. This time we started talking more about the project and my role in the exciting project. I surely can assure this: my feeling at that time was as if I was floating on a river of red bull, which is transmitting a lot of energy.

Ride To Learn is about Adventure Learning. The aim is to connect youth of different ethnic backgrounds around the globe with one another, and provide them online educational resources on global citizenship, cultural diversity, environmental sustainability, and the origin of everyday things. These resources are designed by the experienced educationalists associated with the project during their adventurous trips or rides around the world.

I started reading every blog written by the adventurous riders and the photographs which they shared on the Facebook or other social mediums. I am sure, if any time in my life, I will go for any adventure, it will surely be bicycle riding. And all credit goes to these passionate riders.

While working with Ride to Learn, I myself come across a lot of new learning.  Their adventurous stories, photographs and videos make me reflect on my own life that; what I really wanted to do for helping in making a better society, to connect youth of different ethnic backgrounds, regardless of geographical borders where they can share their cultures, languages, experiences, challenges, thoughts etc. with each other, how I can make them to work collaboratively to make this world a better place.

How a passionate person can fulfil their dreams through dedication and strong belief? How can I bring a positive impact in the society through small initiatives? These all were the thoughts which started bursting and buzzing in all the corners of my mind.  And obviously, after looking at these riders passionate efforts, I must say this: never underestimate your strengths, and make your dream come true through efforts and self-belief. And try to make optimism your religion and follow all its rituals.

Contact me to organise a session – I’m currently running Edmodo Shoes and Sustainability sessions with classrooms globally.