Occupy Your Brain

From the educrats of the developed world to the meaningful lives of children in non-modernized communities, from the conformist American genius to ancient tribal wisdoms; this article is a great read if you have any interest in a more meaningful and connected future for our world.

The article touches on many of the principles behind our learning program Ride To Learn: open, collaborative and real-life learning that provides information and connection without bias or motive, well with the exception of using a positive, solution-focussed lens to build solutions to our worlds’ challenges.

While the article was a great read I would highly recommend film “SCHOOLING THE WORLD”, available for FREE FOR 2 WEEKS, thanks to The Future of Education and Schooling The World.

FILM LINK: https://vimeo.com/32012579 (64 minutes)

Excerpt from Carol Black’s blog on Schooling The World:

A tribal person in New Guinea can still identify 70 species of birds by their songs; a shaman in the Amazon can identify hundreds of species of plants and which preparations will enhance their chemical potency in the human body; a traditional Polynesian navigator can detect an island miles beyond the horizon by a pattern in the waves and the behavior of birds.  This kind of knowledge seems almost supernatural to a modern person stumbling noisily through the forest; but it’s not supernatural.  It is human intelligence honed over millennia, through unimaginably vast numbers of individual observations, experiments, reflections, intuitions, refinements of art and experience and communication.

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