The question of the final plot

As the remaining weeks draw short on our first screening of the Kyrgyzstan Adventure Film I’m sure the days will grow particularly short, the nights long and sleep will become little more than a faint memory–but nonetheless we’re absolutely pumped about the event.

The opening screening will be held at Patagonia’s Melbourne store; which we’re told transforms into the perfect indie film screening venue after hours.

In the next couple of days the film’s storyline will take final shape on one of two paths — the decision that challenges us is whether to limit the story-telling to the deep and rich experiences we had of the Kyrgyzstan people, culture and landscape OR whether we take you all the way back to Iran, where the wheels were set-in-motion for what we were to experience in Kyrgyzstan.

Perhaps we’ll find a happy medium. But whatever it is you can expect these stories to open your heart and mind to the people and places, and a healthy bout of adventure to get you out the door on your next challenge. 

We were told that ‘people smile from the heart’ in Uzbekistan, not like in the west. And whichever final story you get from this film, we’ll know we achieved what we set out to if you walk away saying – “WOW, people really smile from the heart in that amazing place”.

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Ciao, N.