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We talk about us and our riding all the time – and we love bikes, but we also like conversation! Tell us your story. Where are you in the world, what are you riding, who do you cycle with? Send us a paragraph or a novel and we will post it here to share with our community. We’d love to see some pictures too, if you can.
Here are some pictures from Eric, wow! That’s some snow … I wonder what motivated him to get out there and pedalling … 

For me, these fat-tired snow bikes are a way of extending the cycling season year-round. Here in the Northeast US, snow and ice often exist for 5 months of the year, which can put a serious damper on road cycling. A few years ago, a riding friend and I both confessed our dislike of indoor cycling alternatives, and promised each other we would get bikes that we could continue to ride after the snow flies. “Fatbikes” are a relatively new genre of bike, with a growing following and rapidly evolving designs. They are really fun, and just looking at those huge tires brings a smile to the face. Slogging around in the snow for an hour or two is a great workout, even if we don’t break any speed or distance records! I like this bike so much I even ride it on trails in the summer just to mix things up. It’s another way to enjoy life on two wheels

— Eric Nichols

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