2012 in Review: World By Cycle

I have many drafts of a blog post started. A few lines, a beginning of a narrative, and when I return to finish it – time has made it irrelevant, or at least not ‘news.’ 

Our original adventure plans had us finishing our bicycle circumnavigation of the world tomorrow – Nic’s birthday and Christmas eve. We are no where near completed, however no less motivated to continue. 

Finances, or lack of, are the most challenging aspect of our expedition. However, we are confident we will get through and are glad to have time to reflect and develop a richer experience for our Ride To Learn program participants. We are also excited about providing apple professional development in Australia to educators and schools keen to explore and leverage technology in learning.  

Three new skilled education professionals have joined our team from Canada, the UK and Pakistan in a research capacity, to run pilot sessions, facilitate interviews and analyse the data of our project history, engagement strategies and surveys from an objective viewpoint. We are so EXCITED about this opportunity to isolate and understand the elements of our educational program for improvement. Check out their bios on our ‘Team’ page.

Although we did not get around the world, we accomplished a lot. And that is because of our outstanding team and supporters. The team are outrageously passionate, committed and diversely talented. Many thanks to all you too, World By Cycle community, for helping us change perspectives, engage people with adventure and nature, think up innovative solutions to complex issues and embrace all the positive there is in people and places of the world. 

What have we accomplished as a team at World By Cycle in 2012?

0 bike mechanicals 
1 online classroom development  
2 created brands (rebrand World By Cycle) new brand Ride To Learn
2 facilitated youth conferences 
2 submissions of large government grants 
3 comprehensive learning units developed 
3 new web platforms developed 
3 competitions with prizes 
4 invitations to speak at conferences, incl. Pecha Kucha, SCIEF Madrid & Global Edcon
5 presentations to organised groups in Australia, USA, Brazil and Kyrgyzstan 
5 months non-stop cycling
6 additional presentations to Universities 
8 our educational team grew from one person to eight in the last year
11 key interviews with experts in ethical and environmentally sustainable fields
12 schools visited and provided a presentation 
15 relationships with education partners 
17 countries cycled  
25 news media stories (at least) 
40 developed videos 
45 written blog posts 
100’s of new friendships and changed perceptions 
149 countries have viewed our video content
170 approached organisations and ideas for support 
950 FaceBook and Twitter followers 
1000’s of inspiring images shared 
9,000 dollars received in donations 
10,000 km cycled 
10,000’s of shared smiles with people from around the world
14,000 complete views of our video content on Vimeo and YouTube
120,000 dollars received in-kind contributions 

Wow. For a more detailed description, check out the 2012 year in review business summary. What a year. Many thanks again to everyone that was involved and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you. Next year, Tasmania, China and the Americas! Happy holidays to you all. xxK and Nic.