Cyclocross Racing in New England on my World Bike

Cyclocross (CX) has to be the most inclusive and fun form of cycling, sure Grand Fondo by its nature is highly participated BUT CX really pulls families, friends, passer-by’s and all sorts of hanger-oner’s. 

If you haven’t heard of CX: a typical course uses whatever land is available, pretties it up with some banners and tape to make out a course complete with lots of twists and turns – and a few obstacles. In the amateur ranks you can turn up with just about anything you can ride, though a little extra tread on your tires will help to keep you on-your-bike!

The courses are set up on a circuit which you’ll typically cover 4+ times, making it brilliant for spectators – plus the terrain often lends itself to a few slips and slides, all the more fun for spectators.

When I heard there was going to be a CX event in the area Kristina and I currently are I jumped at the opportunity. The event kicked off at 8:30am and was set to cover 5 laps of the course – expecting the leaders to finish in around 40 minutes. Mostly on grass and a little damp, there were a lot of tight turns – making staying upright tricky. For added fun there was a section of jumps (if you had enough speed to launch) and the seemingly obligatory obstacles that force you to shoulder your bike and jump!

A big thanks to Eric for arriving early to secure my place on the starting line (and changing my tires and taking photos!) – they capped the numbers at 125 and I got the last one!! So this meant I was start at the back of the pack, making it extra fun (and challenging) trying to pass everyone – I think I made my way about half way up the field, wait and see..

CX is a sizeable sport in North America and Europe and is sure seeing a growing interest in Australia – I encourage you to head along if you can find an event in your area, you’ll be sure to have a blast!