Leaving Kyrgyzstan for an [originally] Unplanned Destination

Today we leave Kyrgyzstan, but not to our originally intended destination of Mongolia, instead we will be taking a pause [and getting married!].

For our audience, teachers and learners, don’t worry – we intend to hold a steady stream of updates and content, however be prepared to rewind to France and commence a rich journey across Europe, into Iran and northeast into Central Asia as we catch up on our resources.

Lately Kristina and I have struggled to find the energy to get through the growing obligations of the program, and with the fatigue of the last six months really setting in even the simplest of days (riding our bikes) are taking their toll.

  • susan arney

    The decision to pause, regroup & recommence the fabulous journey of world by cycle is a wise one. You will be rejuvenated to continue and we all look forward to experiencing the wonder of the world with you.Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • A tough decision Nic and Kristina. If only the expedition could be paid for with your enthusiasm and passion. Take time away to reflect and bask in the proud feeling you must both have that you have already done, seen and experienced some amazing life changing things. Now…. did someone mention a wedding!! :O) xx

  • I know how it my feel like, but the truth is, any decision you make is always the right decision. I think your project is worth fighting for and if it takes a good pause and regrouping to make it even better, no harm in that. Congratulations on what you have already accomplished and we will be seeking meeting you somewhere along the way.. maybe China?? Hugs from Annika and Roberto..