Crossing into Iran

Leaving the stunning peak of Mr Ararat in our trail we’ve now crossed into Iran. We’re really looking forward to our experience here. I’m sure most of you would question any travel to this region – and if you indulge in popular media you may not think favourably about the people of this country. That said, digging in to the various sources we use for guidance – a key one being the ‘Travelling Two‘ site – we understand Iran to be one of the safest, most enjoyable and most hospitable countries travelled.

Soon we will be in Tabriz – one of the historical capitals of Iran. [according to wikipedia] Archaeologists suggest that the Garden of Eden must have been located in Tabriz.. we are really looking forward to immersing in the rich history and culture of this region.

I look forward to sharing the experience with you!

Here’s a quick audio update from Kristina:

  • Madina Bakhtovarshoeva

    wow.. amazing progress guys..can’t wait to see pics from Iran…and of course the amazing journey on this blog…stay safe and enjoy…

  • susan arney

    apparently there is lots of lovely food in Iran….you enjoy & stay safe. 🙂