[check-in] 140km from the Iranian border

Just a quick check in as our journey through Turkey nears its end and we move into another [sure to be amazing] experience in Iran. The last few days have shown more stunning scenery as we bob between 1200m and 2000m above sea level.
We had an absolute blast with the company of a dear friend – Winston – who joined us for one week of cycling… and I’m sure both Kristina and I would agree that it was a breath of fresh air to have someone else around – as much as we love each others company.

Yesterday we encountered another couple of cycle-tourers, something which hasn’t happened much – with the exception of Germany, where we saw thousands of tourers. Nicolas & Herv√© are en route from Turkmenistan home to Paris.

Today we head to Dogubayazit which looks to be a town rich with history and an amazing view to Mt Ararat – anyone know the significance of this mountain?

More soon,