recovering from europe in turkey

Location: Egirdir, TurkeyLat/Long: 73°52′24″ N 30°50′57″ E
Weather Conditions: 32C Partly Cloudy

After being swamped by content gathering in Europe I’m now holding up in the lovely mountain/lake village of Egirdir, Turkey, where thanks to the enormous generosity of one of our followers, we have been offered a house. It really is a stunning little village.

I’m super-keen to get out the showreal from Europe but since there’s SO MUCH footage I’m just going to have to break it down into bite size chunks, and then according to my film-mentor cut it back to 2 minutes and add some sweet sounds 😛 – so it’ll be a couple more days. I’M EVEN MORE EXCITED ABOUT seeing what the amazing Jacqui Hocking of LateNite Films can do with my shooting 🙂 We’ve shipped Jacqui all of our footage from Brazil, West Africa and Europe and now she’s going to work creating the first of our documentary series – make sure you check out her work; she does some amazing stuff!!

In Europe our theme was the story of the shoe, we met with OAT Shoes in Amesterdam, then later visited the manufacturer of these shoes in Italy, who also makes the famous – well if you consider ‘Sex In The City’ legitimate – Jimmy Choo! This boot felt outrageously decadent – and at €825.00 I’m really not sure I’d want to wear it 😉

In Italy we also visited an eco-village that has been rebuilding a local community post earthquake, AND as you may know we took part in the Ironman 70.3 Italy Triathlon in Pescara. Check the photos!

In Switzerland we met with Blue Sign, according to their motto “if you don’t know you don’t care”, the bluesign textile education path will show some of the known and less known environmental issues that suppliers, industry, retailers and end-consumers are facing today.

We company of Inga, a school teacher from Bremen, for a day of riding on the Rhine River and we held a video conference with a school in Canada while we were in Italy.

Add to all of that we were joined by and met with so many amazing people – we are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such motivated and inspiring people // you ALL know who you are!! There are so many to mention but I must put out a special thanks to Lucy Holdsworth and Maura Colaizzo for their amazing work in Italy – THANK YOU!!

Until soon, N.