Kristina now has a Turkish family!

Just off the phone to Kristina: caught out by no access to cash – couldn’t buy any drinks. Family in village of Kabalar – they insisted she rest there. After a hot shower, great Turkish food and a nice bed she now has Turkish parents and is back on the road… Downside is she has 170km remaining to make today, with quite a bit of climbing and 40+ degree heat – send her all the positive energy you can.
Location: Kabalar, Turkey
Lat/Long: 38°07′03″ N 29°16′58″ E
Weather Conditions: 32C Partly Cloudy

  • Oh goodness, bundles of positive energy coming your way. Lots of love

  • susan arney

    Ditto from us…xoHope the money issues can get sorted ~ must be awful 🙁

  • Nic Arney

    All looking good – msg from K saying she found Money, Batteries (for Tracker and GPS) and most importantly H2O!! She still has a loooong way to ride today though… expect her to arrive around 10pm

  • mahdi

    hiI’m Mr Javad’s son from Tabriz.We visited ur web site and enjoyed it.My father said “i miss u and i was worried about ur next destination (sareyn)”And now,after rode ur diaries,my father is so happy.Please text us ur phone number,address and the tabriz’s photos.thank you.Farewell

    • Kristina Stoney

      Hello! Please tell me you are okay from the earthquake! What is your contact information? Mine is – we are worried about you!xo Kristina

  • Mehdi

    Dear Nicholas KristinaMy wife and I have got so happy seeing that your kind wife and you have got to your country safe and sound.Since that day when I met you (two dears), I have found a deep feeling in my heart, at the same time when we said goodbye at the corner of the Express way. Now I am sitting in my office ,the place where I had said to you that in 4 years from that time the construction of the Park would be over .I am deeply grateful to you for sending the E-mail about the earthquake and that you have been so worried . Your wife has also had a worried look that I am so thankful.In fact Tabrizs shivering has not been so dangerous,because we have been far from the center of the earthquake. For rescuing and helping the people of “Ahar” and some destroyed villages, I set off there. Therefore I apologize you for answering your E-mail a little late.Let me invite you and your kind wife and your dear father and mother and dear father and mother in law to be our guests. Our house is large enough and we will be at your service.If possible please send me your address because I am going to send you a present.Thank you for your humanitarian feelings towards our people who have been killed and hurt as a result of the earthquake.I am waiting to see you as soon as possible.

    Yours truly – Javad Alipour