home and hosed after whopping 200k’s in the saddle

Location: Isparta, TurkeyLat/Long: 37°45′53″ N 30°33′23″ E

Kristina made it to Isparta just before midnight, here’s some numbers for today: 200km, c2,500m ascent, 15+ hours in the saddle… look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow – a lazy 35km for her to reach Egirdir where she’ll join me for some time off the bike… and on the computer!


  • Winston

    awesome Kris, enjoy the rest, you so deserve it.

    • Nic Arney

      Strangely – Kristina doesn’t appear to need much rest… ready to hit it again the next day after a whopping day!

  • Margot

    Amazed & impressed every time I read your blog !! So many challenges along the way,I applaud you both — good luck for the next leg — and the one after that etc.!!!

    • Nic Arney

      Thank you Margot – we’re very happy to know you’re enjoying the ride too! 🙂

  • Andrew

    Absolutely amazing that you two can cycle 200K in one day. I think what you two are doing is fantastic. What are you two fuelling yourselves with during these endurance rides?

    • Kristina Stoney

      Thanks Andrew! Sorry to not see this comment till now … And thanks for following! We love Clif stuff, but will eat anything (vegetarian) changes every country, but bread and cheese seem to be international. What about you?