Four Days Until We Meet Again

So while I go an lock myself away until these are published be sure to follow Kristina’s progress on the tracker and utter your words of encouragement on the blog, facebook or twitter – it really does inject more energy into our efforts to maintain the projects momentum.

Here’s what I do to get a feel for where Kristina is at while I’m not on the bike with her:

  1. visit our live tracking site:
  2. grab the geo-coordinates from the latest track
  3. plug the geo-coordinates into Google Earth (make sure you download it for free from google if you don’t already have it installed)
  4. EXPLORE where she is and what’s going on – e.g. I can plug in her ‘start’ and ‘current’ coordinates for the day into “directions”, then right click on the line to add the elevation chart… then do any of the amazing things you can to explore the earth with Google Earth!

Check it out and thank you for following!!

Kristina and I will meet again in the fascinating city of Cappadocia.

Until soon,