Bicycle Stats: Senegal, Mauritania, and Morocco 

Dates: Sunday, April 22nd to May 17th, 2012
Days in Senegal 7, in Mauritania 3, in Morocco 13

Total distance ridden: 1,163km in 13 of 23 days in  the region

Average speed: 15km hour

Average distance per day: 90km

Total elevation: 4,366

Average temperature: 32c, Reached as high as 46c

Average humidity: 55%

Number of ride participants: 4 locals (2 children)

School visit: Erford, Morocco!

Most seen animal: goats

Favorite food: brochette de lotte, fresh squeezed orange juice and mint tea

Most eaten food: pain au fromage (bread and those processed white cheese triangles) and Tajine (vegetable stew)

Favorite words learned: Shakrun (thank you) and Marhba (welcome)

Biggest challenge: wind. heat. difference in explorer riding speed.

Most surprising: Realization that muslim attire has practical application. The clothing is just the right thing for the environment. Both explorers covered up for decency and also it was protective against the elements.

Also no street signs, heaps of plastic rubbish, and we always felt safe.

Most inspirational: The children willing to share their water resource in the desert and the organic cotton farm in Senegal with WiserEarth – see video

Most refreshing: Everyone we met was so proud of their community and country, really wanting to show it off!

Take away image: life needs water.

Said goodbye to Nic’s bike boot … carrying a lighter load now

Favorite bit of kit: our revelate gear, see video!

See you in Europe!