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Cycling in Europe is incredible, every few days we are in a new country, (yesterday we were in three) and each country has a fascinating, unique culture & history, of which we can barely scratch the surface.
Only one thing is certain, cycling is an ideal way to explore and adventure an ideal way to learn. I am so glad that we are able to share this expedition with students in classrooms all over the world, thanks to our amazing education team. They are hard at work, creating relevent materials that relate to our travels and combine the fun of adventure with meaningful learning activities. Go team! See Ride To Learn for more information or contact Christina!

Some students from Canada took a few moments to ask us what they are most curious about. We will be conferencing with them live on Thursday, but here is a sneak peek:

How many clothes did you bring and how do you wash them?

2 days cycling clothes, 1 off bike outfit, cold weather gear, all clothes that will last the year. We hand wash what we need in a folding sink and environment-safe soap.

What do you miss the most in your everyday life?

Being settled. Sometimes we stop to eat at a restaurant, and the people look so fresh, like they just had a shower at home. I have a brief longing to be settled, to know where I am going to sleep, what I can eat, and be able to communicate with my language … only brief though, then I remind myself that I’m in an adventure!

Do you ever feel like giving up and stopping because of your exhaustion and after so much biking after such a long period?

Yup! But not enough to really stop 🙂

What/who inspired you to do this?

I am inspired by everyone and the natural world. I am driven to adventure to share what inspires me with others! Through connection and a solution focus, we can achive extraordinary things together, that idea inspires me too.

We have been learning so much and are inspired by those we meet! In Amsterdam we caught up with founder of Oat Shoes, who told us that he had an idea to make a shoe that was 100% biodegradable. Everyone in the industry told him this was impossible. But guses what! He kept to his dream, and spent nearly 3 years researching materials and collaborating with regional designers to finally come up with a shoe, that will not only biodegrade, is non toxic- it will bloom flowers!!

In St. Gallen, we caught up with Bluesign. When they started 10 years ago, they were the only (and still are) initiative looking into cleaning up the supply chain of textiles. There were no chemical providers (chemicals are needed to process and dye fabrics for clothing) that were non toxic. Now, Bluesign have 30 certified providers that can support a cleaner supply chain and provide textile companies the opportunity to make us non toxic garments and not spoil our environment. Ask your favorite brand if they are Bluesign approved to help the movement grow.

We also have been meeting with educators in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and took some time to make a video for a class too! Check it out! ….

Our education program is a not for profit and is linking to schools and youth groups in twelve countries! A professional educator team of five are supporting the adventure learning. If you are, or know of an organisation that would like to financially support this initiative, please contact Steve to learn more about becoming a Vision Partner.

All this, and we are still riding our bicycles, hoping to achieve the first fastest female world circumnavigation! Unless of course, someone would like to get out there and race me?! The new fastest record for the men was just completed by Mike Hall in 91 days, incredible! Find all the race stats on Trackleaders.

More and photos from the shores of Italy, xK