Checking In From A Desert Road In Morocco

  • Margot

    You definitely deserve that milkshake Kristina !! Well done both of you on the trip so far. I am embarking on my own trip next week but nothing as strenuous or challenging!! I will miss out on your inspiring & remarkable progress but expect to be impressed when I log in during June — take care , love Margot

  • susan arney

    Lovely to see you looking so well (might need a touch more sunscreen on that nose!). I am not too sure about an avocado milkshake but hope you enjoy it…:)xo

  • carolyn lade

    How was the avocado milkshake?? might have to try one. really enjoying reading your updates & watching the videos, what an amazing experience you are having! I envy the experience, but not necessarily the work of riding the bike. love Carolyn xoxo