The Challenges of Finding Camp

Location: S 27° 35.544′ W 048° 33.177’Town: Florianopolis, Brazil

We’re half way to half way and have ridden our bicycles for five pretty solid days. Already we are getting a sense of what we like (country scenery and small towns) and don’t like (riding with so much gear through big cities), and getting our heads around some of the logistical challenges of unsupported bicycle touring (where to sleep).

For the first two nights we struggled to work out where we could pitch our tents and so sought shelter in guest houses. Perhaps this is because we’ve planned our route around towns, or maybe camping is not such a common mode of accommodation in Brazil. Come to think of it, I’m sure it wouldn’t be that easy to find camping accommodation in Sydney – but I haven’t had to.

We began to research a little more closely into the ticks of the trade shared but the likes of ‘Going Slowly‘ and ‘Crazy Guy On A Bike‘ – yes there are plenty of people out there on great adventures – and while we would continue to aim for designated camp grounds we realised we would have to keep a steely eye out for any opportune sites.

Our third night was destined for Campe Verde, marked as ‘approximately 3km off the highway’, thought turned out to be about 10km 🙁 When we arrived the site looked very shut and attempts to phone the number on the gate were unanswered – so we ended up camping on the grass paddock across the road! We did find a delicious bakery in the morning though.

Knowing now that we had to avoid cities as destinations if we were to find a suitable camping location on day four we aimed for some apparently quieter land by a few lagoons and the ocean. Arriving into a little village north of Imbituba at the ‘wind/kite surf capital of Brazil’! we found a bustling little town with holidayers moving in for the long weekend. What a stunning location.

Though we came across camping signs on the road in we struggled to find them – so ended up pitching on the beach 🙂

This was almost too good to be true. It was a stunning night underneath the full moon with some dunes and hard pack sand to tuck our tent into. Then… at 1:30am it begun. The music was pumping and it appeared that a rave party had started only a few hundred metres from us. By 2:30am we realised it was pointless trying to sleep and begun to pack up ready to start the day. Then – as soon as we were packed up it all stopped – typical. So at 3am we went back to bed..

We have had some wonderful experiences with the people of Brazil right from the start – this I’ll write about in my next post.

Ciao for now,

  • susan arney

    Wow! Fantastic photos and what an amazing trip it has started out to be! Watch out for those trucks on those skinny roads :((Glad the cream has been replaced :)xo

    • Nic Arney

      Hope you’ve got base camp under wraps 🙂

      • susan arney

        sure have! might give up my day job….:)

  • Richard Watts

    We are all crowded around computer at Heidi’s house looking at the amazing photos you just posted! Eric, Heidi, Rebecca, Allison, Alison, Adrian all here say hi!

    • Nic Arney

      Thanks Richard & co, yes I think the photos were definitely the highlight of that post 😉

  • toby wallace

    Hi guys. Good luck with the adventure, sounds awesome. I’m back at my desk tomorrow so feel my pain…! Look forward to hearing more. Toby

    • Nic Arney

      Thanks mate! Sooooo looking forward to hearing first hand about your mammoth trans-Atlantic… No doubt you’ve already told the story a few times 😉

  • First time I’ve managed to catch up with the blog since getting back to UK, and really great seeing the pics and hearing the story so far. Amazing guys, keep it going, nice and steady!

    • Nic Arney

      Thanks Shaun, perhaps we’ll see you at 70.3 Pescara!?

  • Loved reading your log and seeing your photos. Please take care on those narrow busy roads.

    • Nic Arney

      Thanks Richard – your GPS donation has been one of our greatest assets!! Navigating through cities it has been a breeze. Was definitely worth purchasing the better maps though. Cheers, Nic.

  • rock on!