d day and beyond!

Expedition Launch from Nevis, April 1st, 2012, was a perfect start to World By Cycle!
We were well received by new and old friends and felt the backing and support from many, many people- we will cherish the warm memories on long hard days ahead. We shared the send off with a TV interview with the Honorable Minister of Youth and Sports along with a delicious brunch with dear friends from Nevis and the TriStar event. Sad to leave, but happy enough to know we will be back in a years time.

Please take a listen of the official launch speech for full thanks to our many partners and sponsors without which this expedition would not be possible.

After a flight to Miami and a disastrous time at the airport, a drive to Bradenton, and tour of Hawk Racing headquarters, we flew with founder, Sven Folmer in a 4 seater plane – piloted by Sven – back to Miami to narrowly catch the flight we are on now to Porto Alegre, Brazil via Lima.

We have been so busy, having participated in the TriStar, cross channel swim and catching up with as many friends on Nevis as possible, while still tying up all those loose ends in Australia. And keeping abreast with the educational platform development and new social media support, RunawayDigital, actual final preparations have not been on the short list …

Looking around this plane, I am struck with the realization that we are going somewhere new. Ok, of course I should know that … Ive told enough people. We are going to Brazil. Brazil. Most of all the persons on this flight are Spanish or Portuguese speaking, as are the attendants. Are Nic and I really prepared?

We will arrive in Porto Alegre at 6am, will need to put our bikes together and ride out, as a 100km is on the agenda for day one. Followed by 9 more consecutive 100km days … To day 11, when we shoot up to meet Rachel in Sao Paulo.

Immigration in Miami just took away my chamois cream.

How many 100km rides have Nic and I done lately? None. How many have we backed consecutively, whilst sleeping in a tent and carrying our house on our bikes? None. Are we really prepared? Well, whether we are or aren’t, we gotta ride … Rachel has organized a couple special rides in Sao Paulo we need to make. One to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief, and another with Luminar, Ricardo Semler’s school.

Nic is sleeping (well deserved!) as I write this … And I think we are going to need to adapt quickly from some of our dependencies, one of them being easy access to the Internet and all it does for us. Please put the word out …. We are looking for someone who can make adjustments to our website and not mind about not being paid until we have some cash inflow. I will not have the time to make changes …. But could periodically share things that may add value. let me know if you know of anyone 🙂

Also on the cards soon, gorgeous photo gallery from the past few days. Until soon, xK.