d-8 Three Days in Nevis

We took a few early lessons out of California 😉
The greatest of those must have been: When traveling overseas you should be capable of operating without your iPhone – we have become far too accustomed to our instant wealth of information available on the smart-phone with internet connectivity. Arriving into LAX a number of things weren’t quite as we’d expected: no storage, no free wifi, no good coffee 😛 // but suffice to say we found our way out of there and made a pact not to make the same mistakes again.

After two days in Ventura we [somewhat amazingly] found our way back to LAX without a map – mostly due to that feminine talent of ‘asking for directions’! Then, three flights later and with much nervousness about

bike transportation, we arrived in Nevis on Friday evening to a royal Tri Star welcome (offered to all participants of the Tri Star event)  – sadly without our bikes; turns out the planes in the Caribbean aren’t really big enough to accommodate bikes.

After dinner at an old favourite, Sunshine’s Beach Lounge, Kristina and I decided to walk along the beach back to our accommodation, and fortunately so – we ran into Don, the facilitator of the Bikes Not Bombs program for the local community of Cotton Ground. Don let us know that we were scheduled for a ride with the local kids for 8am in the morning.

We rocked up to Don’s place in the morning and scrambled to put together two bikes to ride, as ours had not made it to the island… check out mine – a round-the-world machine you think?

The kids were great, we cycled a mammoth 32km around the entire island. There were some solid hills in there and these kids were as young as 11 years old. Don tries to organise a lap-of-the-island about once a month for the kids. This is such an awesome program, in essence the kids sign up to the program and they have to complete a number of courses related to cycling before they earn their very own bicycle. The program exists in a number of communities on the island. Check out their website to learn more about the program.

The following day saw the 10th annual cross-channel swim between St Kitts and Nevis. This year they turned the swim around – and I’m not sure they’ll try that again – which meant 4km swimming against the current. Our distinct lack of training saw Kristina cruising in at a respectable 2:40, while I managed to sneak in at 1:50… Kristina enjoyed more sea-life than I, spotting a few sea turtles and much fish, while all I got to see was a ~5ft reef shark 🙁

The rest of day 2 and 3 were mostly about catching up with people around the island and it was so wonderful to see many warm welcomes as people were excited to see Kristina back on the island – Kristina was involved in establishing youth programs in Nevis for a number of years before moving to Australia and there are certainly many open arms awaiting her return.

Tomorrow we catch up with the current Youth Coordinator in Nevis to cement our agenda here for the rest of the week, finishing with a World By Cycle brunch this Sunday to mark the official beginning of our expedition.

After 3 days we’ve managed to receive Kristina’s bike but somehow the folks at St Martin think my bike is too big and so they don’t want to deliver it… this is a challenge we thought we’d planned for by choosing airlines that accommodate bikes – so hopefully tomorrow brings a stroke of good luck and some good people decide to move our bikes 🙂

Here’s a few more pictures from Nevis:

Thanks for following our journey! 🙂