d-22 Wonderful Manly-Town

This morning Kristina opened the day with the ‘Bold and Beautiful‘ swim. An amazing community group of swimmers who head out from Manly Surf Lifesaving Club EVERY day of the year – when the whether turns sour on the coast they head for the harbour beach, if it’s terrible in the habour then they short cut to the coffee shop!

The Bold and Beautiful swim can swell into several hundred people on a few key occasions through the year, and at worst seems to only fall to around 20-30 people at the height of winter – it really is an amazingly inclusive free-for-all group and we try to get back there at least once each time we return to Sydney.

Meanwhile I headed quickly grabbed a few pics and headed up a favourite trail – the hole in the wall. Manly is surrounded by nature trails both on North Head and Middle Harbour, where if you’re feeling particularly energetic you could head into the woods for a long day… or several days if you like.

The ‘hole in the wall’ trail connects Shelly Beach to the North Head reserve, which holds a rich (so far as Australian terms go) history – first as the quarantine facility for ships landing in Australia in the early 19th century, then in the 20th century housed the Artillery Barracks.

One of my favourite run loops is to take the ‘hole in the wall’ trail up to North Head, then weave around some of the trails in the old Artillery Barracks, then returning via the stunning Colins Beach on the harbour side and back to Manly.

The rest of the morning seemed to be moving from one conversation to another as we continued to run in to friends in Manly – not surprising why we love it here 🙂

Enjoying one of our favourite cups of coffee in the area, at Barefoot, we managed to get a few more pointers on our preparation for Brazil. Zelio artfully pours a fine espresso though was a little concerned about the prospect of us cycling around Southern Brazil; apparently the trucks are madness and extremely dangerous on the roads – that said, “if we do go there we must drop in to Zelio’s brothers cafe on the island’ – LOVE IT!!

We’ve been quite fortunate in the preparations for Brazil as we have a very good friend and (dare I say former) local planning our cycling route through Brazil, we’ll give you a sneak preview of the route planning in our video this week…

Tonight we rest in Canberra, where we will spend the week in final preparation – thanks for following!