d-21 Our House in the Bag

How do you decide what to splash out on and what to skimp on? Do you put comfort before style, form before finesse? How do you anticipate what you’re going to want most in 3 months time, when you’re in the middle of eastern Europe, tired, hungry and homesick…? Would you even be??

Today my big hitter on the ‘punch list’ was to nail our entire kit list – yes we still have much of this outstanding.. details – to date we’ve been more concerned with setting up our team and getting the major logistics ticked off. Thankfully we’ve managed to obtain a delivery address in California… so we’ll be picking up a solid amount of our kit en route to the start line.

So although we’ve been skimming blogs, gear reviews and online stores over the past month or so I still found myself painfully scrutinising every minute detail of our kit – then re-reviewing it, looking for constructive and deconstructive arguments for all – then contemplating some more… and finally it’s 11:30pm and I’ve ticked most of the gear off the list!!

Some of my digression has been in exploring what other folks, who’ve been out there on their bikes for years and still going, have distilled their possessions to.

Path Less Pedaled are currently on the New Zealand leg of their journey, four years in! They’re travelling in style on Brompton fold up bikes. Meanwhile Going Slowly have also been out there for around 4 years and have spent a whopping amount of miles in the far north reaches of Europe. Each has certainly given some insight into the kit to carry.

It would be interesting to hear what you your recommendation would be for the items we ordered today:

  1. sleeping bag
  2. sleeping mat
  3. stove
  4. cookware
  5. cutlery
  6. sustainable power
  7. navigation

We would also love to hear what would be on YOUR MUST HAVE list – what couldn’t you live without for one year?

Ciao for now,