d-18 community!

Nic and I have been busy squaring away our life: boxing stuff, storing, handing over businesses, redirecting post, selling van, accounting, etc., makes me wonder about all those cycle-tourers out there in the world who keep riding instead of returning home – the idea of an administration-free life is very appealing!

Nic's ploughing though administration - serious.

While we have been preoccupied, World By Cycle is still rolling … as this project is no longer run by me and Nic. It is now run by me, Nic and YOU – the community.

Today, I learned just how much of a community World By Cycle has become. Three emails from three exceptional people really brought to my attention how great of a community we are.

A few days ago I was longingly looking at a Clif Bar and after reading a bit about the kind of company they are – thought they would be ideal partners for World By Cycle. However, being time-poor, I knew I could not invest in another proposal and dismissed the idea UNTIL, I received an email from Lucy Holdsworth who has been busy making contacts all over the world, introducing the project passionately. Who could turn her down! It so happens that she made a contact who made a contact and guess what! That’s right, Clif Bar want to sponsor our ride with energy! Luce, your amazing!

Speaking of amazing, I am so impressed with the work of Rachel Schein in Sao Paulo! Not only has she organised an inner city coffee crawl with World By Cycle, she is also promoting the event to fundraise for World Bicycle Relief Projects and has made the most awesome information slides – in Portuguese! The most incredible, is that Nic and I have been trying to get in touch with Ricardo Semler and schools for months with no luck … however, Rachel has been able to tee up a visit to the Lumiar school and maybe lunch with Ricardo himself! She has been working with the Brazil Route Planner, Stan Cortes, a detailed and thoughtful guide – what a team!

At our going away party in Brisbane I introduced Christina Galego as one of my favourite people right now. A lot of World By Cycle has been shaped by her deep thinking and clear voice. I was blown away by the description of World By Cycle she articulated to the amazing designer Michael Rowe – so that he could best develop a new brand for our education specific Ride To Learn aspect of this project. As she is in Canada, I mostly hear from her by email, and am always happy to open her mail as there is always good news! She has been hard at work to launch the education platform with extraordinary team, Marta who is in the UK and Rahat, currently in Germany. Marta is busy developing relationships and opportunity in Senegal, Mauritania and Western Sahara and Rahat is creating and connecting with people in Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakstan!

And to think, this is only some of the involvement of World By Cycle. Jacqui Hocking is going to meet us in Brazil, Lucy in Europe, and Mike has earmarked North America … where are you going to join the adventure!?

It is so exciting to know so many hands are in, as together we can create and share with the world something truly meaningful, sure to enrich and inspire the lives of many!

Until soon, xK

That's got Nic smiling .. handsome face.