baking all day … eating out!


Package Free living …. after 10 weeks, it is starting to get a little easier. Pre planning is starting to become a little more natural. And, really when it comes down to it, sometimes we just have to live without. Olive oil for instance, ran out a few weeks ago … and to get to a whole foods that sells bulk oil with a container is just that much more difficult then heading to any shop to buy a container … but, hey, we had an opportunity to learn how to make recipes differently.

Sometimes people are kind when I explain what we are doing. They are understanding and I think maybe, a spark of an idea is ignited … on Saturday coming home from our ride I finally convinced Nic to stop for a slurpie! What are you doing! The cashier exclaimed wagging his head at my bike water bottles full of slurpie, this is not BYO cup! You buy cup, not slurpie!!

Oh, well … and later that evening as I had been baking for hours to prepare our energy bars, Nic suggested Indian takeaway, sure we can do that – but we called and asked to bring in our own containers! Ah, why would you do that they asked me on the phone? And when I explained that takeaway containers could not be recycled and were wasteful they were so pleasant!

See, we are not totally changing our habits, just how we service our habits. Imagine a world where everyone felt comfortable to carry their own dishes if dinning out or grabbing take away! Connivence made kinder for our earth. xK