Where does stuff come from?

Exciting developments happening in the education space of World By Cycle!
Where does stuff come from is a timely question relevant to global curriculum …
we are inspired by the talk on TED by Zoe Weil:

We are so inspired that we will incorporate an exploration of the origin of stuff with our education objectives. This is an awesome opportunity for students linked in to World By Cycle to become aware of true cost and the impact their choices have on their lives and the future of our world.

I can not convey how excited I am to be unearthing this topic as I see real potential for students, following opportunities for deep learning, to improve and better our current systems.

Another favourite and must watch, if not already is Annie Leonard in The Story of Stuff:

Oh … I just want to get started tomorrow! Join the adventure, let’s together do something to create lasting and sustainable change. Educate our children and empower them to make positive choices! xK