trial and error in the kitchen

It’s nearly a month since Nic and I went Package Free. I’m almost getting used to it … biggest difference is much, much more time spent in the kitchen. Making everything from scratch takes longer … and, I know, you’ll say it’s worth it, as the food will be fresher and taste better.

That was the case for yummy homemade pizza with a crumble base (Nic went about getting the cheese, one deli refused saying it was ‘unhygienic’ to put items in a bag he offered, another deli only looked at him strangely). The pizzas were delicious and only took about 4 hours!

The Granola bars were a big hit! A few hours to make when a novice … Zucchini pasta got a kinda pass. And my pumpkin soup! Nearly 4 hours again and it was terrible! Look at Nic trying to eat it …. !!   






So, sometimes great, sometimes a learning experience … Shopping has been great fun! We found an awesome bulk foods shop in Murwillumbah, 10km away, with staff that smile when we walk in with an assortment of containers and bags, lists of recipe ingredients, and questions.






I have learned so much about my food, where it comes from and how to make everything from base ingredients. I thought I would make Nic some butter but we can not get milk/milk products unpackaged because it is illegal! That’s why the farms I wrote to never responded … However, there are strawberry farms and vineyards on the Sunshine Coast and we are looking forward to a trip north … but really the local produce here is amazing. Oh, the pineapples!

It is empowering to know where food comes from and how it has been prepared (with love!), whether it’s tasty or not!

Look forward to a post from Nic on coffee culture with a surprise twist. xK