North Coast: Great racing, Great men.

Here we are in the Tweed Valley, created by an erupted volcano 23 million years ago. Mt. warning and the other peaks are volcanic remnants and make for great cycling!

I love riding my bike here. It reminds me of St. Kitts. The roads are thin, rutted, and empty of traffic winding between tall sugar cane fields. Green peaks close by and a bright blue sky.

There is great local racing hosted by the Murwillumbah Cycling Club, with a range of race distances every Saturday from 2pm. I turned up last weekend with one homemade energy bar (which are delicious, see recipe), to meet nearly 100 riders getting ready to race.

The distance was 75km and covered two substantial climbs! That sandwiched between two 20km commutes made me a very hungry girl following! Good thing Nic swung by our favorite fish and chips joint in Cabarita that allows us fill our own containers!!

During the race I dropped back near the top of the main climb and was last to decent, which meant the main pack slipped out of view. Not long after a Murwillumbah member looped back for me! He asked if there was anyone behind me, another fellow had been dropped but must have turned early, ‘just me’ I responded, ‘you didn’t turn back for me, did you’? And he had! He didn’t trust a girl out on her own in the back roads, it could be unsafe (!) What kindness!

I have received such kindness from young to old. At a criterium last weekend (every Sunday at 7am run by Gold Stars Cycling Club)  One young fellow (aged 12) had been lapped during the race but fought the climbs and rode well. He approached me following … ‘great race, you ride well’ he said. Ah, I was momentarily shocked (remember he is 12) Thanks, you too, you usually ride this course? ‘Naw’, he responded, ‘you’ll usually find me on the MTB tracks’, while reaching out a hand to shake, ‘btw I’m Zach’. Well, nice to meet you!! The chivalry! And it extends across ages too, while headed to the ladies room, an older gentlem actually moved to the side, and bowed. Bowed!

Yes, the men are kind, the racing is great, and roads beautiful. A very happy place to be indeed! xK