Three months package free

I’ll not be eating any of these for a while… where does that wrapper go after I energy-up on a packaged bar?

Nic and I have been increasingly more aware of the HUGE amount of packaging we consume, most of which is not reused or recycled. Just how much, we are not sure. This is something, I don’t think is okay to be unsure about. We are going to find out. How? By choosing to live package-free for an initial three-month period.

Originally, I asked Nic if we could try this experiment in the future for a year. His response: why wait for the future. It’s something we can do now.

He’s right. So what does package-free mean? To us it means all consumables, food items and household goods.

I’d like to share this plan with others and offer the opportunity for you to either try it with us or take part by tuning in to what we discover. I think it would be interesting to see where it might be more or less difficult to achieve and what resources are in the community to support.

Start date: July 11th, 2011 Mission: Package-free living

Interested? Check out more: great information here at 5Gyres What is the problem?.

I like the additional R added here … being to REFUSE. That’s what we are going to experiment. Forget about just bottles and bags. What would happen if we refused all packaging!? xK