Shopping outside and making toothpaste

Package-free living is not that difficult on the North-east coast of Australia!!

It is winter and  look at all the goodies I picked from the garden this morning! Shopping in the great outdoors, beautiful.

As to previous questions, after a little research I have discovered that it is not only easy to make rice/almond/soy/oat milk – it is less expensive and better for us! Store brands can actually have harmful ingredients.

Also, it is easy to make toothpaste!

Who knew! Not me. Not only is toothpaste easy to make, but commercial brands are full of chemicals and toxins. It is strange how we can trust something that is manufactured for us without questing the ingredients. Now that I know I wonder why I have not always been making my own toothpaste. it’s going in my mouth everyday! This weekend Nic and I will make some videos on making these plus other things from scratch with natural ingredients.

Sure to be fun! until then, xK