delicious homemade milk!

Almond Milk!

The first batch of my delicious homemade almond milk. It was surprisingly easy and quick to make and tastes fantastic! I’ve tried it with granola, coffee  and on its own!!

How to make it:


1. Blend almonds and water (I did not measure just put both into a blender). Use almonds without the skin or soak the almonds a day, changing the water a few times.

2. Pour the blended mixture through cloth and a strainer. Squeeze and twist the cloth to get the milk from the mixture. For the cloth – there are ‘nut bags’ for the purpose; but cheesecloth, a bandage from a first aid ensemble, or even a tea towel will do!

3. Enjoy! For extra benefit, the dry almond pulp (meal) can be used in baking as flour or to dress up cereals or shakes. Also, lots of creative things to put in the milk. I put a vanilla pod in for extra flavour. yum.

Pouring the almond and water mixture                         through the cloth and out comes milk!


Tastes yummy on homemade granola.