anything can happen. best to be prepared.

I had a great idea to ride from Barwon Heads to Melbourne, 120km, via the Queenscliff – Sorrento Ferry. I’d get to Melbourne in time to meet Kate for coffee, perhaps swing by Cycling Edge, meet up with a Canadian mate, and get my hair trimmed by a stylin studio that would of course have a free slot to see me … all in time to then ride another 20km from the city to the airport for a 6pm flight. Perfect day, eh?!
Of course. However, it rolled out a little differently. I slept in (up too late watching the tour), missed the ferry as it was hailing rain (I was riding 50m carbon tubular wheels). Off the ferry and a way to go, yet, the rear tubular was feeling fearfully flattish. Hmmm, slow leak and with no spare tire I dispense the two CO2 cartridges evenly and manage to roll into Frankston 70km later & catch the train. I realize that I can not just rock up for a flight at six, as will need to carefully box and sort my bike at the airport … so, miss coffee, miss all Melbourne stops and spend most of the day wet and cold!

After this episode and similar tightly timed plans, I have decided to allow more time for our World By Cycle expedition. A substantial amount of time. Time to allow for mishaps, learning, and really who knows!

One week to every leg, or roughly a week allowance on every six weeks to add a full two months. From ten months now to twelve.

Just. In. Case.


Title inspired by God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy.