Abundance or Confusion – No Packages Here…

When does abundance of selection suddenly edge on overwhelming confusion, and convenience become no more than a marketers ploy to sell more of the same. That same stuff feeding consumerist growth that moves us further away from our basic needs and closer to a synthetic existence.

This past week has been the first of our lifestyle altering ‘package-free living’ project.

What does that mean? Well, essentially we’re attempting to source all of our core consumption items without any packaging. That means food, drink, toiletries and any other day-to-day items.

The first thing we noticed removing all packaged options is you are suddenly limited to what is available and fresh in your local area, or at least items which don’t need some form of preservation. Secondly we noticed that there are a lot of things we consume that we don’t even know what they’re made of, take toothpaste and deodorant for example, do you know what’s in yours?

It’s sure been an interesting week, starting out as kind of novel and fun, even the people at the organic whole foods grocers have been curious about our initiative.

I’ve spent more time sitting in cafes and restaurants this week. Which really has been quite enjoyable, and I don’t believe it’s cost me more, yet it’s cost the environment less and improved my well-being in the process. Taking a few extra moments to enjoy a sandwich while seated, at first it felt like quite a luxury, then it dawned in me that we spend too much time thinking we need to be productive every waking minute – chill – time to recharge for next challenge of the day.

We’ll continue to share our experiences, and of course bring some informative content out of our learning – first video off the press: homemade toothpaste!