To Begin!

footprintOur three-month package free life begins tomorrow. And, no, we did not rush out today to stock our cupboards with packaged goods. Certainly thought about it though. What will happen when we run out of rice milk? And our toothpaste tube is nearly empty. We pondered through a few questions today, being novices in this field, such as:
1. Does biodegradable packaging count?

2. What if we buy local bread, cheeses, or fish and these items are wrapped, does that count? It’s not ‘prepackaged.’

3. Surely it is better to support local business then drive 50km to a store that sells wholefoods? I recall a study about the fuel involved in transporting say a can of tomatoes from Italy as opposed to driving a great distance to buy a local jar of tomatoes … in that there is a greater footprint in the driving.

4. How are we going to brush our teeth?!

Maybe all these questions are nerves, and the answers will be clear once we start to think and act differently with our purchasing. Reading the questions, it sounds as if I’m creating a safety net of excuses. Not even started yet, and I can see this might be a very difficult experiment indeed! xK