Where do ideas come from?

I’ve noticed that more posts are flooding the ‘sport’ section while this World By Cycle ‘planning’ section remains sparse in content. It may seem I spend more time riding bikes then planning our bike expedition. Well, for good reason: see, all good ideas for me come while I’m riding!

Seriously, route organization and a demo-video of Adventure Learning in action will be available very soon. In the meantime, I’ve had some other ideas about how we could link the social aspect of our expedition (incorporation of cycle clubs in countries on route) with the educational. Then I came across this video:

Our project could similarly connect people to projects in a powerfully direct way. If we had a space to communicate the stories of people and places we meet + a space like-minded cyclists could get involved, well, really it could be a beautiful marriage of resources! I better get back on the bike, to think this idea through some more … World By Cycle updated and video to come early next week, until then xK