New Zealand Tour

touring The best way to plan our adventure is to practice… Nic and I are in Picton, just about to head to Nelson, the north of the south-island of New Zealand! So exciting. Today the fog disappeared to reveal we are surrounded by hills and mountains! The sun is shining and it is sure to be a beautiful day out on the bikes … thought I’d tease you of delights to come with a couple snaps of Wellington! xKLearningAt Te Papa Tongarewa Nic and I learn about the earth – inside and out. Checking out the fault lines here! This is the coolest museum, on the seafront of Wellington including exhibits of Maori history, natural habitat, sea life, and more!

coffee! Coffee ….

nic and on the ferry to
Picton through the Cook Straight
-Nic looks a little cold!

  • susan

    Looks very cold ~ should have your neck warmer on! Enjoy fabulous NZ..xo

  • Carrie

    Hi you two! Have been following your developments and wish you all the best for what is to come! Let me know if you ever need a hand or a place to sleep in my neck of the woods. Oh, like you have any time for reading, but anyway… An amazing read by Dominic Faulkner "The Longest Climb: The Last Great Overland Quest"… Basically this guy lead a team that cycled from the Dead Sea all the way to Everest base camp, then they made a summit of Everest! Absolutely amazing! Take care out there! xx