Iron = energy

Iron rich I just discovered information related to iron intake for female athletes.

At least 18mg a day.

I looked up where I could receive iron and counted my daily intake – I came NO where near 18mg. Could this be the reason of recent low energy levels? It is interesting to learn that many people unknowingly suffer low energy from not enough iron in their diet. How could I have not known this before? I’m keen to get my iron levels checked and am practicing for a week ensuring I get 18mg a iron a day to see if it impacts energy … stay tuned, and why not try the experiment yourself?! xK

Btw – this salad ought to be iron rich: spinach, quinoa, grapefruit, avocado, and cashew – it’s also yummy … what iron-rich recipes do you use?


  • zoe

    Aw Kristina so glad to know you are turning to a vegan recipe! I highly recommend green smoothies although there may need to be a bit of substitution at the moment due to the high price of bananas, dates perhaps? Bak choy is my savour, I love it steamed with brown rice if not in a smoothie. Go for the leafy dark greens 😀

    • Thanks Zoe!! You must be heading to Europe or getting ready to depart!? How exciting! As to vegan foods, yea, we mostly eat this way … favorite site for recipes is: Have you read born to run? Good one to take on the plane to read … some of the recipes link into that story, we like them! Lately I have still been going sugar free, so for long training sessions and races I make my own gels and nutrition – so much better! xK