Coffee Grind Ride in Mooloolaba

The Sunshine Coast Cycling Club is a great bunch to get out with. The roads are flattish and smooth, the bunch friendly and diverse (a few 13-year-olds in the mix!). The Coffee Grind, is called so (besides for the love of coffee) as it winds up quickly and continues a fierce pace. Nic’s average close to 40km for the 55km loop. He’s fast.

I came in around 34km avg. and had so much fun! I kept up with the guys I was with, taking my turns, and even rolling uphill! Glorious to not be last to the top. I owe my resourced strength and efficiency entirely to the work done at Activcycle Coaching. In only a month the results are MASSIVE.

I let Cameron at Avtivcycle know I did not want to leave Brisbane so soon, he responded that it was okay, cause I’d be back …. He’s right! Some people move locations for all sorts of reasons – choosing to move to a place for a great club I’m sure would be among one of the better…

Yes, we leave mid next week, to see friends in Manly and then to New Zealand for a week’s bicycle tour. Always wanted to go there AND it’s my birthday, so suppose some compensation in leaving Brisbane.

New Zealand updates to come, xK.

Revolution Cycling are a big part of the Sunshine Coast Club. Featured members are Russel with his daughter. Watch out for the young talent coming from here – I tell you they are skilled!