Bold and Beautiful

Nic and I packed our life into the idea-mobile and 12 hours later were with dear friends in our home of Manly. Gosh, it’s great to come back to a place of familiarity. To know where good food, coffee, and great people are near.
I swam with the Bold and Beautiful group this morning, Love it! Every morning at 7am 10 to 100+ swimmers swim from near the Manly Surf Club to Shelly Beach and back – stopping at two points to keep everyone together. This is the Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve and is protected to make sure the integrity of marine life can coexist with us in as balanced way possible – swimmers, kayakers, dusky whalers,  stingrays, grouper, cuttlefish, scuba divers and plenty of marine life. Boats are not permitted to anchor and attempts made to keep the area free from manmade rubbish and toxins.

Swimming with the Bold and Beautiful is a great experience not to be missed friendly and inclusive, everyone who swims is part of the family! The other great thing about a swim first thing, besides it being refreshing, cleansing, and revitalizing, is the coffee following! We headed to barefoot today, but there are so Many great choices!, hmmm….A few errands and we are off to the airport headed for New Zealand, watch out Wellington! xK

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