Day four Cold Coast – Manly

thank you everyone for the encouragement and support! Sarah, I so look forward to the peace of your home and presence! Claire, could you imagine I booked into a hotel tonight and as luck would have it a whole family got the room next to me…. And they love TV! so much so, even I can hear it! …. Therefore I have found myself at a quiet Mexican restaurant chilling out with a cabernet sauvignon!

I have remembered how integral and important it is to me to have a white-noise less environment. I need quiet, natural sounds, peace to replenish and recoup. There is no escaping the traffic In the day so I drown the traffic noise with the drone of podcasts and music.

I love the noise of rain and the ocean, of wind and of absolute quiet.

Sigh, all that aside, I only packed to pair of tri shorts… Not to ever be repeated! I wore both today to alleviate some pain … But still! Long rides = bike shorts! I also though how lucky am I to get to ride my bike from one place to the next, remembering with fondness my two week cycle trip in the British Columbia. However, I am struggling to find the joy and beauty in this trip and have to come to terms that all rides are not equal, riding is not always riding as I would like it. This is a good lesson as it stops some of the romanticism I’ve entertained with our around the world adventure. I’m glad to have this learning opportunity – as I’ve learnt that riding with time constraints make a ride less fun, that it is a good idea not to depend on others for accommodation, there may not always be food or weather conditions desired, and WEAR BIKE SHORTS. I’m also learning what I’ve needed and what I would like to carry on a trip …

So, tomorrow I’ve looked up places to stay in the general area I’d like to end up, but I’m not going to check my clock and speedo (that’s been showing depressingly slow averages in account of the Southerly winds) and stock up on fruits and take the ride for what it is and enjoy it. I have been harassing myself with the training objectives I had for this training adventure:
1.Keep up cadence
2.practice seated climbs
3. Use core strength and keep shoulders/ arms relaxed.

However, tomorrow (bottom permitted) I’m just going to ride my bike.

Here are the best photos of the day… No video at the moment: