Day five Gold Coast – Manly

I must remember to be careful with what I ask, as I will often receive it! I left Forster with anticipations to have a great day … And I got just what I asked for … Natural sounds of frogs, birds, and mostly thundering rain! It rained with intensity and perseverance all day! At one point nearly haling! Because of this all electronics were safely secured in waterproof sealed bags. And so I was lucky to hear…and feel the rain for the entire near 200km to Newcastle. I took mostly back routes and wove through thick forests and eucalyptus on unperfect paved roads with some rolling hills. In the middle of the day I enjoyed a ferry from Tea Gardens and changed what kit I could to be somewhat dryer for the next leg from Nelson Bay. I arrived in Newcastle with everything wet, but felt good in all, it was more of an enjoyable ride off the highways. After a hot shower, superb Spanish Paella, laundry and a chat with Nic I decided that a train trip the following day to Sydney may be the best thing with a race in two days. And it was. Newcastle seemed a lovely little town and might be worth more time another day when warm and sunny. As the sixth day of my trip, Friday, it was still raining and with an attitude of being there to stay! I jumped on a train with my bike and for 7$ rode the 160km into the city and then jumped on the ferry to Manly to my dear friend Sarah’s home. One day to rest and Sunday I’ll be taking part in Sydney’s first open ITU Olympic Triathlon. Stay tuned in and a video of the experience and lessons learned to come soon! XxxK