Welcome to World By Cycle

Hello! I am so excited to be sharing this year with you. It is the beginning of March 2011 and I have about one year to plan our ride around the world!

Come along, be a part of the journey as I decide on a route, learn about the countries we will explore, and organize stakeholder support. I’ll need to find sponsors, decide on kit, and, well … I’m not really sure what else … that is part of the adventure! One thing that is a guiding principle in the adventure is the development of educational content formatted for primary school children.

Okay, to start then. First thing needed in a True Proportion map, which I sourced from http://www.newint.org/. Next, I’ll navigate the web to source similar adventures and world circumnavigation. Then … a regular dose of good espresso coffee and I’ll get underway with the planning! Ready?

Oh? How’d I get to this point, of sitting here, writing about my plan to make a plan? Well, this year so far, I finished my MA at Sydney Uni in Educational Psychology, left my job in Youth Services, and headed to India for the wedding of a dear friend, Sathiya. Nic and I abandoned our apartment, so upon return to Australia, we both were ready explorers no home, no confining jobs, nothing to tie us in one place or another … except the housesit jobs we picked up along the coast. Here is our new mobile home:

That’s me in my cycle kit from St. Kitts and Nevis. They’re my country in sport and I represent them when I get to the races. So, that’s basically it. It’s me and Nic and this year ahead to plan. Looking forward to all of it. Until soon! Xx, Kristina.

p.s Thought I’d sneak in a picture of Nic while I’m at it. This is at Fusion Peak bike fit, in process of getting bike fitted!