The route

Updated Route
Leave NewZealand mid February
To begin in Nevis first week of March
Rosario – Recief 5000km March, April,
Dakar – Paris 7000km April, May, June
Paris – Baku 3000km June, July
Turkmenbashi – Ulan Bator 5000km July, August
Fukuoka – Tokyo 2000km August, September
Carins – Brisbane 2000km September
Banff – Colorado Springs 3000km October
Acapulco – Caracus 3000km November
End Nevis December

Our aim is to ride 120km a day, 6 days out of 7. This is approximately 700km a week and averages to about 3000km a month.

These are rough calculations and will now get closer scrutiny in distance and feasibility. Some legs are based on existent routes:
2. May follow the Paris to Dakar race in reverse
5. A route described in Japanese touring and weaves the countries length
7. Part of the Ride the Divide race, finishing where the course begins to go West.

What are your thoughts & Suggestions?

Thanks! xK