Karmea Detox

The plan – no sugar/gluten/red meat/milk products for 10 days … and guess what! It was not that difficult and heaps of places have healthy alternatives … We even brought some rice milk into a local cafe, the barista humored our request … but the taste was not the same 🙁 However, that said it was all worth it and I might even stay with it as- my body feels amazing!

I went for another run this avo and felt so clean. My body actually enjoyed the run and was happy to continue. Usually I feel like my runs are battle grounds with my body and me against one another. However, the last few days, I felt like we could have an amicable conversation while running, and hey, it felt easier too. Running with a clean body feels natural and easy … how good is that. I’m gonna run a 5km race in Mooloohaba tomorrow so will see if the easy can also go fast … I’m eager to beat my PB 21mins. 🙂

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  • Yay Kristina!

    Glad you are feeling the benefits of running your body on clean fuel.

    Take it from me, it works and you feel so much stronger while training/racing and recovering.

    I look forward to hearing how you get on with the 5km. Go girl and smash that PB!

    See you when you head back to Sydney for some training and of course lots of social.

    Sarah Anne


  • Ok! Made a PB …. for that course! Ha! As new course, new best time! Looking forward to testing out the Shelly – Queenscliff 5km too next week!